Sunday August 20th

FREE NUTRITION SEMINAR TOMORROW AT 8AM! Open to everyone! Bring your friends!
Sunday at 8:00 AM before Sunday Funday Bernie Anderson will be presenting a Nutrition Seminar to help all of you better understand what you should be consuming on a daily basis to help you better fuel your workouts, feel more energized, lose fat, gain muscle or just become overall healthier and happier!

Come see her bright and early this Sunday morning (August 20th) and learn that eating right doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless and receive information on my Nutritional Guidance Programs!


Sunday Funday Wod- simple and effective

warm up wod- run 800 meter with your partner.. with a sandbag!
Wod 1
7 Minutes
7 push ups in the parking lot
10 air squats
Run 100m
One person finishes a round, next one does a round. Score is rounds

Wod 2
12 Minute Amrap
20 Wall balls
20 Burpees
Split work however you want…

Wod 3
7 minutes, as many reps as possible of Man Makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!