Saturday October 13th NO MOBILITY TODAY

8am endurance-
We’ve done this before, and its tough
6×500 max effort row.
Pair up with someone who rows about as fast as you. They row, you rest, then switch back and forth.
If you have the legs for it run 1 mile after, not fast, but not a pace where you cant carry on a conversation, push it a little bit


9am- Open gym to make up a wod from this week
Warm Up- Partner bike ride, 1 minutes each, 5 rounds each
4 x 400 meters (3×400 if you are newer to the gym)
Rest to run ratio is one to one. (1;45 to run it, thats how long you rest before the next one)
20 Minute Amrap (use the same kettle bell for each movement, so you’ll probably go a little lighter than normal
20 Kb swings
20 Kb squats
20 Kb presses overhead
Run 200M
^tip for this wod. Break your 20’s up early into two sets of 10.. 20 minutes is a long wod.



10am Chipper Wod. Solo, no partner. Doesnt matter what order you do this in, just make sure you drag the sled after every movement.

30 minute cap- Push, pull drag-
60 rower cals
drag the sled one rope length
60 Kb Swings
Drag the sled one rope length
60 push ups
Drag the sled one rope length
60 pull ups (sub ring rows)
Drag the sled one rope length
60 air squats
Drag the sled
60 slam balls
drag the sled
60 walking lunges with your slam ball
drag the sled