Friday October 13th

Warm Up-
Team Bike
8 minutes- switch every 30 seconds.. push a little bit

Front squat Friday-
Build up slow… find a 1 rep max if you want

*I know we just did wall balls.. this will be great for your sore legs

Wod- Version 1
12 minutes
3 Thrusters 95/65
3 Bar Muscle ups
6 thrusters
3 bar muscle ups
9 Thrusters
3 bar muscle ups
12 thrusters
3 bar muscle up
*** Keep Going up.. thrusters go up by 3 each round, bar muscle ups stay at 3

Version 2 Thrusters stay the same but its 7 pull ups per round
Version 3- The thrusters go up by 3 each time but the ring rows stay the same. 10 per round.