Saturday November 23rd


Saturday November 23rd

4th Annual Bill Sheehan Turkey Sandwich 5k is only 4 days away!! Get this last running work in before the big show!!

8am Endurance:
45 Minutes of running
Or 45 minutes or rowing
Can be scaled by time.
Boring yes…. but also effective.
Much easier to do with a group rather than by yourself.

9am Mobility

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10am Workout:
Warm Up:
4 Rounds:
1 min Run(200m)-Row-Bike
5 Good Mornings W/Empty Bar
5 Ring Rows
5 Strict Press W/Empty Bar
1 Turkish get-up, right arm
1 Turkish get-up, left arm

3 Rounds:
250m Row
15 Push Jerks 135/95
250m Row
Rest 4 Minutes Between Rounds
–Coaches Notes–
These rounds should be taking no more than 4 minutes. With that 4 minute rest between you will have plenty of time to regroup yourself and know how you will get into the next round. 3 rounds should also be pushing you to sprint through each round, that first 250m row isn’t a leisurely pace type of distance, the jerks should be set at a weight that you could do at least half of the reps or finish all 15 at once, after them it should just be getting back on that rower and start pulling.

6 rounds for time of:
250m Row
8 Push Jerks, 135/95
250m Row
8 Push Jerks, 135/95
Partner A: 250m Row + 8 Push Jerks
Partner B:250m Row + 8 Push Jerks
Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
Barbell Bent Over Row (OR Single Arm DB Row) 8-8-8-8-8
Option 2:
Overhead Carry 3x100m
Using DB or KB