Friday November 22nd


Friday November 22nd

Warm Up:
4 min Run(80m)-Bike-Row
2 Rounds
8 Sit Ups
7 Squat Therapy Reps
1x Burgener warm-up w/Empty Bar

Every 2 Minutes For 30 mins
1 Power Clean
–Coaches Notes–
What a good way to end the week, with some SOLID technical work on one of our favorite barbell movements. Go ahead and read that again. today is not about going super heavy it is about good form and focusing on a section of the Power Clean that you may struggle with. The barbell shouldn’t be loaded with anything heavier than 85% of your 1RM but no lighter than 65%. We need a little bit of weight in your hands to be able to pinpoint a section of the lift to focus on for the working sets.

**Optional Accessory Work**
Pause Clean Deadlift 4×5
Pause Timing=3 Second hold at the top. Clean Grip means holding the bar like you are getting ready to clean it, both palms facing you.
Hookgrip is your choice.
Use 80%-110%(yes that’s a thing) OF YOUR CLEAN 1 RM NOT DEADLIFT
Rest as needed between sets.

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