Saturday November 13th

Remember this teams of 4… lets double it.. 10 rounds each. this will take just over 40 minutes so lets get after it
Minute row
Minute bike
Minutes ski
Minutes rest

Waterfall style meaning person 1 starts on row at ZERO then moves to bike when clock hits a minute.
person 2, hops the rower when the clock hits one… and so on.
each person does a minute on each machine each round and gets a minute rest each round

Easier to explain in person

9am. This is fun repeat workout as well could even hit this in a team of 3

AMRAP 27 Minutes with a partner:

10 Rope Climbs

40 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

10 Rope Climbs

30 Clean and Jerks 165/110lbs

8 Rope Climbs

20 Clean and Jerks 185/125bs

8 Rope Climbs

10 Clean and Jerks 205/135lbs

6 Rope Climbs Max Clean and Jerks 225/155lbs