Friday November 12th


Friday November 12th

Barbell warm up- Coach will go over all movements before then we will warm up together
Minute 1- 10 snatch grip high pulls
Minute 2- 6 Power position power snatches
Minutes 3- 6 Hang postion power snatch
Minute 4- 4 Power snatch from the shin
Minute 5- 4 power snatch from shin plus OHS
Minute 6- 4 Full Snatches

Get some very light weight or no weight on your bar and do 3 sets of 5 snatches before you add weight
Then slowly build to a 1 rep max snatch.
This will not be rushed today, DO NOT MAKE BIG JUMPS. Take your time. not everything in crossfit is to see who can finish first.

THis one rep max snatch is the first test of our next 7 weeks of training. remember this number

Muscle Up Squat Snatch 135/95lbs

This is a great example and a reminder to show up even if you can’t do the movements. Everything is scalable. Less than 5 percent of the gym will be go”Rx” on this. There are plenty of ways to scale and get a great workout.

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Reach
Target Score: Sub-8 Minutes, suggested 10 minute cap for class purposes
Firebreather Score: Sub-4 Minutes
ScalingMuscle Ups:

If no Muscle Ups, scale to 2x Chest to Bar or 2x Chin Over Bar Pull Ups. If an athlete has muscle ups, scale volume to match ability (7-5-3. 5-4-3, 3-3-3, etc)

Snatch: Reduce loading to less than 70% of an athlete’s 1RM. We would like to see any athlete who can perform a squat snatch do so, so reduce loading before changing movement to power snatch or power/squat clean

This is a great example of a crossfit benchmark that help you set long term goals..even if you never get an elusive muscle up. Think long crossfit career on this one. Adjust your movements and weight to finish under 10 minutes (8 ideally)
Two very technical movements but also two movement that you can always work towards or work to getter better at.
A good long term goal is on this one is be able to get the weights and be able to get a very difficult pulling movement depending on where you are it in your crossfit journey. Little by little, day by day, those improvements add up.

Even the most experienced crossfitters that can do both the movements can work on their speed for this workout.. a goal for an experienced crossfitters, with years and years under their belt, would be to go unbroken.