Saturday March 14th

Just to keep everyone updated. Gym is being cleaned at least twice a day. Operating as normal. We are basing all decisions off of facts not hype. We have plans in place for every scenario. Every second that passes is one second closer to all of this being behind us and getting more normalcy back into your lives. We are trying to keep things as “normal” as possible here. Health and safety are our two biggest concerns, always have been. Enjoy your hour here. We are going to keep it as normal as possible.

8am Endurance: slow and simple
Option 1- Accumulate 45 minutes of slow steady state cardio.
What does that look like.
1. a very slow run for 45 minutes. a pace where you could talk the whole time
2. A row with the damper set very flow, heart rate elevated, but able to talk.
3. A bike at what will essentially be at a cool down pace
Choose one, or mix it up.

9am Mobility

10am Workout:
Solo Saturday
****Partner workouts will not be happening for a couple weeks. If you are practicing for a competition try to use separate equipment for each person. Yes you will have a ton of equipment out but at least you wont have to share.
13 Min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts 225/155 INT-205/135 BEG-185/115
55 Wall Balls 20/14
55 Calorie Row
55 Handstand Push-ups INT-Extra Mat Progress. BEG- DB Press
Rest 5 Minutes
12 minutes AMRAP
20 Kettlebell Swings 50/35
400m Run
Rest 5 mins
2 Rounds
50 Double Unders Or Singles
15 Knees-to-elbows INT-Leg Raises BEG- Knee Raises
15 Push Jerks 155/105 INT-135/85 BEG-115/65