Friday March 13th

We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and doing everything in our power to keep the gym sanitized. We will try to keep ahead of the situation. We are planning on staying open until the local, state, or Federal officials tell us to close. Here are some steps we are taking, besides non-stop cleaning, to keep you healthy and fit.
1. Starting today the gym will be open all day on weekdays and this is something we will most likely continue after this all passes. For now the reason for this to help reduce the number of people per class. Social distancing I believe they call it. we will have regularly scheduled classes and now we will have Open Gym from 7am to 9am and 11am to 4pm daily. Feel free to come in and get the workout in. chances are you might be told to work from home in the next few weeks and this would be a great opportunity to come in when it isnt so busy.
2. I do believe the panic will subside soon, but we will be posting at home workouts for you to do that will be similar to the daily Wod. If you are feeling even a little sick but well enough to work out please do the workouts at home.
3. In the unlikely event that we are ordered to shut down for a few days we will move to remote programming. I know a lot of you have some equipment at your house if not you might want to think about getting a set of dumbbells that is a normal weight you use and some bands. If we have to move to remote style of programming for a few day we will be sure to keep everyone engaged and I can promise you your fitness levels will not drop. You will have all the coaches available to answer your questions via text or messenger.
Here is the link to dumbbells.
Here is the link to bands.

Lets hope it doesn’t get to this, but if it does be prepared. You might at home for a days. You are going to get bored, might as well work out.

Warm Up:
3 Minute Run(800m)-Bike-Row
3 Rounds:
6 Walking Lunges
5 Empty Barbell Deadlifts
5 Empty Barbell Hang Power Cleans
5 Empty Barbell Front Squats
5 Empty Barbell Shoulder Press

Clean & Jerk
*Optional 3 sec pause at the bottom of the jerk.
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set, but working no heavier than 85%. You can Push Jerk or Split Jerk but remember if you are using the pause you have to do it with either version.
Rest as needed between sets.

6 Rounds
12 Wallballs 20/14
30 Double Unders or Singles
–Coaches Notes–
a nice simple couplet to finish out the week. These rounds should be nice and fast throughout all 6, with the wallball being a normal working weight 12 each round shouldn’t seem impossible or unreasonable. If you are feeling good maybe try using a heavier ball for the day for a challenge.

Optional Accessory Work:
Option 1:
3x800m Run
Rest 1:1

Option 2:
Double KB or DB Overhead Carry
Rest as needed between

Option 3:
Wall Walks
**add in a 10 second hold at the top for “fun”

AT HOME WORKOUT OPTIONS *dumbbell option

Warm up:
Run 200M
3 rounds
15 air squats 15 push ups.

Dumbbell emom
Every minutes for 6 minutes
2 Dumbbell deadlifts
2 Dumbbell hang cleans
2 Dumbbell push jerks

6 Rounds
8 Dumbbell thrusters
30 Double Unders or Singles
At home no equipment options
5 minutes run warm up
Then 3 rounds
15 air squats, 15 push ups.
If you have no equipment you can’t really clean and jerks, so we can work on two wods.
Wod 1
10 Minutes
Even minutes run 40 seconds
Odd Minutes 10 sit ups

Wod 2
6 Rounds
25 Squats
8 push ups (preferably inverted push ups)
30 Jump ups to very a low box/ledge anything about 4 inches tall. the ledge in a garage is usually this height.