Sunday March 15th

We are continuing to disinfect several times a day. Keeping your distance from each other is always safe.. no matter if its this or the flu. Always check the private facebook page for more details.
Spread the word, I will be opening the gym from 7am to 9am for open gym and the posted workouts. I want to run a class a 9am and 10am to help cut down on crowding. Open gym from 11-2.
**It’s very important to note that if you are not comfortable coming to the gym all is not lost. Please reach out privately and we will be happy to remotely coach you. Yes its more involved and takes us more time than if you were with the group, but are more than willing to put the time and effort in to keep everyone happy and healthy.
***no partner workouts for awhile
***Entire workout can be done outside if you want! Its good to get some sun
***at home workout at bottom of the page

Warm up
2 rounds
20 Single Unders
200m Run
Grab a barbell and start warming up for these movements.

Workout: *yes you can take barbells outside if you want. we will set them up so they don’t roll
7 Minute Amrap
15 Deadlifts 185/135 INT- 135/95 BEG-95/65
10 Front Squats
5 Push jerks

Rest 5 Minutes
10 Minute amrap
5 Pull ups (if you want to be outside sub in dumbbells rows)
10 push ups
15 Squats

Rest 5 Minutes
14 Minutes Amrap
400m Run or row
30 KB Swings

At home workout will be the same only you will sub in dumbbells in the first wod. If you don’t have dumbbells the workout is as follows.

wod 1
EMOM 20 minutes of
10 Burpees
**Very tough to make it through this entire emom. When you miss, take one minute off and try to perform 6 burpees per minute for the duration of the time

Wod 2
7 Rounds of:
20 Air Squats (or jumping air squats if you feel fired up)
7 V-ups