Saturday January 7th

36 minutes of work
Teams of 2 (pick one machine you like and one you dont, it does not matter which machine you get on first. we need to run more, don’t you agree?
18 minutes on one machine.
Partner is on the machine
Partner 2 is running 400m (lets make this 2-200’s so we dont have to run through the grass)
At 18 minutes switch machines and do it over again

9am CrossFit
Coaches choice warm up

25 Minutes amrap
P1-5 power clean and jerk (at roughly 70 percent of your 1 rep max- fast single is what we are looking for
P2- 5 power clean and jerk at 70 percent
15 synchronized air squats
P1-10 burpees (dont work over 45 seconds on these
p2-10 burpees
15 synchronized air squats