Friday January 6th


4 Minutes of bike or row.. switching from 30 seconds moderate pace to 30 seconds quicker pace.

2 Rounds
10 push ups
30 second hang from the bar in a hollow
10 Empty Bar Front squats
30 second hollow on the floor

Strength :10 to :30
You will have 10 minutes to build to your first weight of your working sets. Challenge yourself today with a heavier working weight percent. Push 75 percent of 1rm and above range.
Every 2:00 for 5 sets
5 Front Squats

:30 to 55- workout prep, workout, and clean up

14 Minute Amrap
200M Run
2 rope climbs
8 alt single arm devil press 70/50
50 Double unders

possible Scaling options
200m run
1 rope climb or 4 pulls from the ground
8 alt single arm devil press at lighter weight
1:00 of double attempts, single single double, or 100 singles.