Monday September 14th

Warm up-
3 Rounds-
20 Lunges
10 air squats with a hold at the bottom
1 Minute Front Rack Mobility Work with a bar

Front squats- no pauses, no tempo, just 5 sets of 5 quality front squat.
Get warmed up to your working weight of 70 percent plus then hit the same weight for all 5 sets. Don’t know your 70 percent? Pick a weight that will be challenging for 5. Something you know you could NOT do 10 of. Something you could maybe do 7 or 8 of if you had to. Take 3 minute breaks between sets

Wall Balls
25 doubles or 50 singles after every round including the 3
27 wall balls
27 burpees
25 Doubles
21 wall balls
21 Burpees
25 doubles
and so on…..