Sunday September 13th


Sunday September 13th

Dumbbell Sunday

Wod 1
8 Minutes
Single DB snatch and wall ball ladder.
1,1, 2,2,3,3 and on and on and on….
Now is the time to really concentrate on a big pull on your DB snatches and dropping under it a little bit. You want that dumbbell to fly up from your pull. Drive with you legs, finish with arm. the harder the pull the less press you will have to use. You don’t want to be pressing a dumbbell out too much and then going straight into wall balls which is another press.

Wod 2- 10 minutes
100m Overhead DB carry. switch arms at 50m
25 Doubles or 50 singles
10 Single DB hand clean and jerk
25 Doubles or 50 singles

Wod 3
8 Minute Amrap
15 DB squats, single DB
10 single arm devil press
10 single arm DB thrusters (finish 5 on each arm however you want)