Monday October 26th

NEW 5 rep max squat day. We are also hitting 5×5 at 90 percent of this number later in the week. Starting to wrap this squat cycle up.
This is how we get stronger.

Strength- Find New 5 rep max

After that start warming up for the heavy cleans in the wod.
There are two versions of the wod today. We understand not everyone likes to or even should go heavy on Olympic Weightlifting movement.
If your strength is ahead of your technique, which in many cases with new athletes it is on the Olympic Lifts then you might not get a lot out of a wod that has “3 heavy cleans” as one of the movements. No worries. we will up the reps and lower the weights so you get the best possible workout in

10 Minute Amrap
3 Power Cleans 225/155
9 Burpees over your bar
Or if you are not comfortable with heavy cleans yet
10 Minutes Amrap
6 Power cleans at about 60 Percent of your 1 rM
9 burpees over your bar

Extra Work
If we have time inside…
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
Run 200, 2/1 rope climb

If next class is starting and extra work needs to be done outside
Evety 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes
Run 200
6 chest to bar Pull ups
6 toes to bar of knee raises