Tuesday October 27th


Tuesday October 27th

Warm up
Grab an empty bar then just for fun 10 burpees over your bar
Then as a class
2 Rounds
Minute 1- 7 snatch grip high pull, 7 power position power snatch
Minute 2- 7 hang power snatch
Minute 3 4 power snatch from the knee– 2 OHS — 2 Full snatch

20 Minutes to work on sets of 2 snatches. Can reset between lifts, no more than a few seconds break

3 Rounds
2 Min max cals
2 Min devil press 50/35
Score is total reps
No break between rounds
*devil press video below

4 Rounds
10 Burpees
sprint 200
rest 2 Minutes
*get a friend, race them
Want some skill work
do a few sets of
4 toes to bar
3 chest to bar
2 Pull ups
1 Bar muscle up