Monday March 1st

Warm up

AMRAP 5 Minutes
10 Medball Cleans
7 Barbell Push Presses
10/7 Calorie Machine
Don’t put your wall balls away we will need them after the strength

We will let you warm up a little but the first two rounds of this will serve as a warm up as well.

On a 23 Minute Clock:
Every 2:00 for 8:00
7 Hang Power Cleans AHAP

Every 2:00 for 6:00
5 Hang Power Cleans AHAP

Every 2:00 for 4:00
3 Hang Power Cleans
In the remaining time, find a 1RM Hang Power Clean

Little 7 minutes of fun after the strength
Every minute for 7 minutes
20 unbroken wall balls (scale accordingly) If you fail to go unbroken take the next minute off. Score is total reps