Monday June 28th


Monday June 28th

Warm Up
1:00 Squat Hold
400m Run
Light Power Clean
Jump Squat Gymnastic Kips

EMOM 3 Minutes
3 Power Cleans
EMOM 3 Minutes
2 Power Cleans
EMOM 3 Minutes 1 Power Cleans
 Athletes should build across the entire 9 minute clock they have for today’s strength work. make your own jumps in weight, but if form gets bad drop back in weight. “starfish” is something we do not want to see at any point (extremely wide feet in the receiving position

50 Air Squats *Watch these reps! full range of motion
8 Rounds
8 Pull Ups
4 Clean and Jerks 115/75lbs

Feel: Conditioning/Gas
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 8-12 Minutes
Firebreather Score: Sub-6 Minutes

Air Squats: Reduce reps before ROM, should not exceed 2:30 of work for the most reconditioned athletes, but will likely be 1-2 minutes for most.
Pull Ups: No more than 2 sets at any point, otherwise jumping pull ups will elicit the stimulus we want today.
Clean and Jerks: athletes should have a weight they could do touch and go for 3-4 rounds before having to switch to singles, but they must remain fast.