Tuesday June 29th


Tuesday June 29th

Going to get upside down today. UNLESS you do not want to go upside down, then this will be overhead pressing session of the strength portion

Quick handstand progression video. There is more than one to do this. Facing the wall like this or walking away from the wall is another option. We will work with you where ever you are at in you journey of going upside down including handstand push ups. If you have walks you will go for 10-15 minutes max distance. rest, retry..
Check out this video here.
Team Misfit Gyms on Instagram: “Teaching athletes to Handstand Walk is actually quite a bit easier than you may think! This week Hunter and Sherb talk through an easy way…”

Wod Partner option or solo option
Partner option

AMRAP 24 Minutes with a partner, split anyhow
60 Lateral Burpees Over Sandbag
70 slam ball Squats heaviest ball possible for your team
80 Calorie Row, ski or bike
90yd HS Walk Or 20 wall walks or 30 HSPU or 30 double DB presses

Solo version. 24 min amrap. cut the reps in half but take a 2 minutes break after each movement is completed.


  • Lateral Burpee: Scale reps for less conditioned teams, or allow them to perform regular burpees
  • SB Squats: Should allow athletes to perform a minimum of 5 reps at a time
  • Calories: 800m Run (together)
  • HS Walk: reduce distance or cap athletes at 4 minutes of walking, or substitute 20 Wall Walks total

    HS Walk is 270 feet. slamball squats are intended to be bear hug. If slamball you want is unavailable, a double DB or double KB front squat works great (50/35 for DBs or 53/35for KBs would be the “Rx” weight equivalent).