Monday December 21st


Monday December 21st

Schedule for the week.
Christmas Eve 5am to 1pm. Check ap for classes and open gym
Christmas Day Closed
Closed Saturday and Sunday

We are open New Years Eve. Last Class is at 5pm
We will BE OPEN AT 9am on New Years Day.

5 Inchworms
Then 3 Rounds 200m Run
20 Leg Swings (Front-to-back, 10 per side)
10 deadlifts empty bar

We will take time to build up to your deadlift weight for the wod and get your machine set. There is a 25 minutes time cap on this wod so we will want to get started at around 20 after

Set up for deadlift:
Hip-to-shoulder-width stance.
„Hands just outside hips.
„Eyes on the horizon.
Full grip on the bar.
„Shoulders slightly in front of or over the bar.
„Arms straight and bar in contact with the shins.
Execution of the deadlift
Lumbar curve maintained.
„Hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until the bar passes the knee.
„Hips then open.
„Bar moves over the middle of the foot.
„Heels down.
Complete at full hip and knee extension.

Workout For Time
10 Deadlifts
70/55 Calorie Machine
8 Deadlifts
60/45 Calories
6 Deadlifts
50/40 Calories
4 Deadlifts
40/35 Calories
2 Deadlifts
30 Calorie Machine
Barbell: 315/225lbs 25 minute cap

Scaling: – Deadlift loading should be no heavier than around 70-75% of athlete’s 1RM. First set should be no more than 3 sets.

Hit these unbroken sets quickly of
9-7-5-3 chest to bar pull ups or whatever pull up progression you are at