Monday August 1st

*Remember that the hour time limit is a factor in your CrossFit total. All 3 lifts need to be done within the hour to get a true CrossFit total number. This was not meant to go over an hour.

We are starting lifts by :10 after

Warm up
:20 ankle pumps each ankle
:20 stretch ankle on rig
:30 Hip Flow (sitting on floors, knees bent, bring both knees towards one side of his body until they both touch the floor ultimately working on internal rotation of one leg and external of the other.)

THEN 2 Rounds
10 Goblet Squats
5 Empty Bar Strict Press
5 Empty Bar Backs Squats
10 Empty Bar Goodmornings
5 Empty Bar Deadlifts
*May add weight second round*


CrossFit Total

Using 3 attempts sensibly for each max lift AFTER athletes have warmed up to weight needed. Recommend starting the warm up at a moderate weight, small sets 3-5 reps.

Sum total of each max lift: (In this order)

Back Squat (This will serve as the retest for the 1RM Back Squat)

Strict Press


How should athletes split their time?

Back Squats – 15 min

Strict Press – 10 min

Deadlift – 15 min