Sunday July 31st

Warm up
3 rounds
Run 200
5 squats empty bar
5 power cleans
5 push press

Wod 1- 8 Minute Amrap- Teams of 2- split work as wanted
10 Pull ups
16 Push ups
24 squats
You will have 5 minutes after this wod to warm up to your Macho Man weight. each partner can have their own bar, but cant h

Wod 2- 16 Minutes EMOM
Macho Man complex
3 power cleans 185/135
3 Front squats 185/135
3 Jerks 185/135
**Partners will alternate rounds on this emom so you will end up doing 8 rounds each. If the clock catches
you, you went to have heavy. adjust and get back on pace.

Wod 3-
12 Minutes max cals
On a machine of your teams choice perform max cals alternating every minute
*the catch? perform 2 burpees each every switch
Transitions need to be fast, rower should be last choice of machine for any team.