Tuesday August 2nd

Warm Up
3 Rounds
6 Plank Transitions
8 Ring Rows
8/6 Calorie Row
6 KB Swings

Gymnastics restest
AMRAP 3 Minutes
Max Rep Strict Pull Ups
Rest 4:00
AMRAP 3 Minutes
Max Rep Push Ups

 AMRAP 15 min
You go – I go
50’ Single KB OH Walking Lunge 50/35
250M Row
Between each round 15 Syncro KB Swings
One partner will perform 50 foot OH lunge and a 250 row- then both partners perform 15 syncro KB, then partner 2 will go
*pick a weight on the kb where you can lunge mostly unbroken the entire time and do 15 unbroken kb swings.
**good example of a workout where by scaling you will achieve a better a workout AND more importantly hit the intended stimulus.

Cool down
Thread the needle and frog stretch