Monday April 29th

2 Sets, For Quality
1:00 minute Machine Choice
10 Bird-Dogs
20 Bear Plank Shoulder Taps
10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges
20 second Glute Bridge Hold
10 Cossack Squats

Workout Primer
3 Sets
Power Clean + Front Squat
Squat Clean + Front Squat
Rest 30 seconds
3 Bench Press
Rest 30-60 seconds
*Increase loads up to working weights

“The Air Fryer”
30:00 minute EMOM
min 1: 3 Front Squats*
min 2: 10/8 Calorie echo Bike
min 3: 5 Bench Press
min 4: 13/10 Calorie Ski Erg
min 5: Rest
Front Squats will be from the floor, 3 second Pause on 3rd Rep
Loads: Starting @ 70% of 1RM for both lifts and increase

Primary Objective: Finish the 3 Front Squats at around 80% of 1RM and the Bench
Press at close to 77%, but of course this is loose based on how you are feeling today.

Stimulus: Battery Work + Absolute Strength
Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy: We are looking to start at round 6 RPE overall on this workout and only build intensity
through lifts today while keeping the bike and the ski moderate. The time to load the bars
will be after the lift or on the rest minute. The goal here should be to keep things moderate heavy and just load by feel. Don’t push for max loads here today as we are
starting a new cycle next week and the goal is to keep things fresh here, not to push up
that intensity.