Tuesday April 30th

3 Sets, For Quality
4 Inchworm to Hollow (3sec Pause at Hollow)
5/5 Worlds Greatest Stretch
10 Bootstrap Squats
20 Lateral Line Hops
20 Forward and Back Line Hops
30 second Wall Sit March

10:00 minutes
Accumulated Time in Freestanding Handstand Hold
Level 2: Wall Facing Handstand Hold
Level 1: Box Pike Handstand Hold


“The Balrog”
4 Rounds, For Reps:
3:00 AMRAP
4-5-6-7 Wall Walks
50 Double Unders
*Max Wall Balls in the Remaining Time
Wallball: 20/14lb, 9/6kg
Score: Total Reps of Wall Balls

Goal: 120+ Reps
Primary Objective: Go Big Early, get those Wall Ball reps in when you have the most
time to maximize your rep count
Secondary Objective: Remain unbroken on Double Unders
Stimulus: Shoulder + Quad Stamina
RPE: 8/10
Athlete Strategy and Notes:
In this workout, we need to go big in the first two rounds on the wall balls while we have
lots of time to accumulate reps, because as fatigue sets in for those final rounds we’ll
not only have less time, but just less gas in the tank. Expect shoulder fatigue and heart
rate to be the limiting factors today.