Monday April 12th


Monday April 12th

Board warm up

TEST: Find your 1 rep max weighted pull
*scaling if you are stilling working on strict pull ups
-if you have kipping go for one max set (multiple reps) of kipping without pausing
-if you dont have kipping go for a few sets of negative (5 second negatives) on the pull up bar or rings

For the row test you will want to row a few rounds of 45 seconds slow, 15 second sprint
What should a 500m row workout feel like…. pretty bad. If you can say more than the word “oooouuuucccchhhhh” while you are rowing you are going too slow.

Test 2-
500m row for time- this can can’t get rough. You’ll only want one shot at this

Extra if recover from the row
Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes- (6 rounds)
Run 200
12 burpees box jump overs
This isnt a scored workout. adjust your burpees so you have 1 minutes to 45 seconds rest.