Tuesday April 13th


Tuesday April 13th

CrossFit Total Day
Part of the challenge of CrossFit total is to finish all 3 lifts within an hour. It’s an element that comes into play with this benchmark workout and something you will want to factor in.
If you get to class early do some banded activation exercises (monster walks)
We are going to jump right into a squat warm up shortly after the hour and start our squats no later than 8 after the hour.

**we will set clocks for each lift…. (something like 20 for bs, 10 for strict press- 20 for dl) If you are not focusing and chit chatting you are hurting your own performance and fitness.

Go straight to your rack after the whiteboard and get empty bar tempo squats in with a hold at the bottom, add a little bit of weight and get a few more sets of this in. Any lift after the hour is up doesn’t count on the score for today

“CrossFit Total”
Find a 1RM Back Squat
Find a 1RM Strict Press
Find a 1RM Deadlift
*Note that we will be back squatting next Phase as our focus lift, so today’s 1RM will serve as the 1RM used for percentage work next phase.

*Athletes should be able to warm up their strict press with an empty bar or PVC pipe while resting during squat attempts, and warm up their deadlift while working through their strict press. Today may be a good day to tell athletes that class could creep a little past one hour.