Friday May 24th


Friday May 24th

Its time to start hydrating and eating properly for Murph. If you are doing the full version, please be careful. If you have never done it with a vest make sure you months of consistent training in and that you can do at least 10-15 strict pull ups. Pull ups are what will get you, even more than the heat.

Warm Up-
3 rounds of 5,10,15 pull up, push up squat

Strength Bench press, 7 sets of light sets of 7

Wod- Partner Wod- Partner with someone you have never partnered with before.

30 Min Amrap, split work however you want
12minutes and 30 seconds of bike cals
5 Minute max buprees
12 minutes and 30 seconds of rower cals.

Score is cals plus burpees.