Thursday May 23rd


Thursday May 23rd

Murph Heats
Saturday 10pm and 11pm YES PM and Sunday from 5am to 9am. Do not start after 9am. Scale appropriately, listen to your coaches. You can also do this Saturday at 8am if you can’t do it at any other time. We are closed Monday.

Warm Up
2 Rounds
150m Row
8 Push Ups
6 Inchworms w/out the Push Ups
4 Air Squats

1. Max bar hang, no adjusting grip… after you fall, accumulate 6 minutes of total hanging. scale to 5 minutes.. in as few sets as possible.
2. Max Unbroken Handstand walk for distance or handstand walk 200 feet in as few attempts as possible.
**Sub for handstand walk. max handstand hold against wall, max hold inverted from a box, or max static double dumbbell hold overhead.

3 Rounds
15 Medball Cleans
20 Single Arm DB Presses Left Arm 20 DB Presses Right Arm

Cash out 1,000m Row