Saturday May 25th

Don’t forget this weekend is Murph. Two heats Saturday night at 10pm and 11pm and several heats Sunday 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am. Drink your water. Don’t get drunk tonight. We are having a grill out at 11am on Sunday after Murph. we will have some hamburgers but bring what you want. We are closed Monday!

8am Endurance
Option 1- Running
2×400 rest 1minute
2×800 rest 2 minutes
1 X 1 Mile rest 3 minutes
2x400m 1 minutes rest, max effort on both runs

Option 2-
5 rounds on the skier 1 minute on 1 minute off (10 minutes total)
Directly into 5 rounds on the rower 1 minute on 1 minutes off
Directly into 5 rounds on the bike
Directly into a 1 Mile Run.
Score is Mile run time in MINUS total calories on the machines
Example 260 calories total on all three machines… then run a 6 minute mile (6 minute mile is 360 seconds) score is 360 minus 260 for 100. The lower the score the better.

9 Am mobility

10 am wod
nice and simple
800m run
80 KB swings
800m run

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