Friday March 31st


Friday March 31st

The gym will be closed. Here is an at home workouts. If you are following along don’t forget to get your bench press in this week. 5 sets of 5 at 70 percent

Warm up
3 rounds
10 walking lunges
10 push ups
run 200

Strength- if you weights do either your bench if you haven’t or backsquats. 5 sets of 5 at 70 percent
If you have only dumbbells do and 8 minute alternating emom
even minutes 15 squats with a single db
odd minutes single arm floor presses 8 each side, or 10-15 push ups

4 rounds
400 meter run (if 400 takes you longer than 2 minutes just do 1 minute out and 1 minutes back of running) or 400m machine
20 bent over rows with single db (10 each arm) or 10 bent over rows with a barbell
20 weighted or unweighted lunges (lighter weight. single db or light barbell)