Friday March 29th

The Open is over but we will be doing our own Friday Night Lights this week. I’ll be grilling out. We will be giving out lots of good stuff like tshirts and sunglasses. Don’t miss out. Class schedule is the same as always in the morning. For the night classes come in anytime and do the workout between 4 and 6:30 pm. When we have enough people ready for a heat of 4 or more we will start a heat! Dont forget on Saturday we have 8am endurance, 9am crossfit and 9am free trial class of adult weightlifting.

Wod (rx weights listed, scaling options below)
24.THCF Part A
7 Minute Amrap of
10 Thrusters 95/65
10 cal row
10 sandbag clean over the shoulder 100/75
At the completion of 7 minutes
Rest 3 Minutes
The start 24.THCF Part B
3 MInutes to establish a 1 rep max of
1 Clean
2 Hang cleans
2 Front squats

Cleans can be power or squat… but if you squat your 2nd hang clean you need to do an additional 2 front squats to finish the complex

Scaling will follow the open standards as close as possible.

weights will be 65/45, cals will stay the same
sandbags over the shoulder will scaled to 75/50 for scaled divisions and 55+masters

Complex will be the same.