Saturday March 30

Endurance at 8am. CrossFit at 9am AND a free trial class of adult weightlifting with Coach Nicole
We are closed tomorrow for Easter

Teams of 2- another non stop 36 minutes of work wod. getting our run on and machines
12 minute per machine (bike, ski, row)
Partner 1-Run 200m
Partner 2-machine for calories
*switch when partner 1 gets back

Warm Up
Alt. EMOM 8 Minutes
1- 5 Burpees + :15 Handstand Hold
2- 5 Burpees + :15 Sandbag Bear Hug Hold
3- :30 Dead Hang into 5 Gymnastic Kips
4- :45 Machine/Shuttle Runs

Adult weightlifting with Nicole at 9am

CrossFit Workout 9am
Amrap 5 minutes… repeat 6 times.
15 Deficit HSPU 2/1″ (or Hspu or db push press) MIn 1
8 Sandbag Cleans 150/100lbs MIn 2
8 chest to bar pull ups Min 3
Max Calorie Machine in the remaining time

Score is total cals.