Thursday March 28th

Don’t forget!!! The Open is over but we will be having a Friday Night Lights/Client appreciation workout tomorrow from 4pm to 6pm. Show up and jump in a heat! We will be grilling out and giving away a lot of sunglasses, shirts, and odds and ends we have here!

2 Sets, For Quality
20 second Lateral line hops
30 second Alternating Bear Position to Thoracic Bridge
40 second Forearm Plank Hold
20/20 Second Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold
3 Sets
10 Alternating Barbell Reverse Lunges
5 Jumping Back Squats
Rest 1:00 minute between sets

Back Squat
Every 3:00 minutes, 5 Sets
3 Reps @ 80-85%
3 Reps @ 80-85%
2 Reps @ 85%+
2 Reps @ 85%+
1 Rep @ 90%+
Percentage is based on your 1-rep max Back Squat

7:00 minute AMRAP
5-10-15-20… Wall Balls 20/14lb, 10/9ft

Stay unbroken on Wall Balls through the round of 20 reps. If you
make it to the round of 25, this may be the time to break strategically or suck it up and just
go for it