Friday March 27th


Friday March 27th

Happy Friday. We will keep you posted on any news we hear as soon as we hear it.

For the warmup today get out and move. 5 minute walk or run
Then 4 rounds
10 pass throughs (use a broom, rake, shovel, long paint roller handle)
10 Push ups
20 doubles or jumping jacks

21-15-9 Reps Of:
DB Power Cleans 50/35 (Barbell version is 135/95)
Handstand Push-Ups (sub inverted push ups, DB/KB strict press or hand release push ups.
Rest 2min.
DB Push Press (or barbell push press

Accessory Work:
5 Rounds:
40sec. of Alt. Bicep Curls (L+R= 2reps)
20sec. Rest
40sec. of Max Skull Crushers (barbell or dumbbell)
20sec. Rest
40sec. of a Plank Hold on your hands
20sec. Rest

***if you are working with a single DB or KB change the reps to 21 EACH ARM, 15 EACH ARM, 9 EACH ARM for the weighed work. |

Mobility cool down.
This has the word relaxing in the title!