Thursday March 26th

Hi everyone,
Thanks for following along at home! We’ve been going pretty hard the past two days so were are going to slow it down and control it a little bit, put a 30 minute time cap on this. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to reach out for anything at this time. Questions about nutrition, workouts, specific movements, how to improve in those areas you are having trouble on.

There are two options today, this first one (don’t hate us) and an all cardio option below this. Let’s start the day with a warm up though.
5 rounds
5 push ups (elbows in, chest and hips all they way down, lock out at the top)
10 squats
15 jumping jacks

Wod 1 (choose one or two)
Even you don’t want to do this, even if you won’t get through it in 30 minutes you should still try it, get out of that comfort zone. you can use anything for weight including a jug of water if your dumbbell is too heavy. Try with an empty bar, don’t drop your bar.

100 Turkish Get-Ups for time: (Lighter DB today. 20/15+)
Every 3min. Perform 5 Burpees.
*Start with the 5 burpees


Wod 2- 30 Minute Emom (choose one or the other)
Even minutes- Run, bike, row at slower pace for the entire minute
Odd minutes stop an do 10 airsquats (you have the rest of that minute is for rest)

Enjoy. Here is a mobility piece for everyone. This is Tom. Get to know Tom over the next days. You will be seeing a lot of him