Saturday March 28th


Saturday March 28th

At home run
30 minutes of running- or run-walk-run or just a walk

Mobility – Go friend Tanya on her Facebook page. She will do facebook live mobility there!

Warm up
5 minutes of run bike row
then 3 Rounds
10 Push ups
10 Squats
20 sit ups

EMOM x 10min.(both movements in the same min.)
12 Single Arm DB Swings 50/35 (switch arms every other min.)
*think KB swing on or simply use a KB
12 Air Squats
*If you need to scale this to 10 and 10 that’s fine, but make sure
it’s hard!
Rest 5min.
EMOM x 10min.(both in the same min.)
8 DB Deadlifts 70/50
16 Push-Ups
*A round should be 30-40sec. so keep that in mind if you want to
add or subtract a few reps.

Barbell version
even minutes 7 barbell snatches 95/65
Odd 20 AIr squats
Rest 5 Minin
EMOMx10 (both in the same minutes)
8 Deadlifts 135/85
16 push ups

Extra Credit:
400m Farmer Carry with 45/30+ DBs or anything you can carry.. buckets with sand?