Friday March 16th

Go to to at 8pm to see the workout.
Here are some simple and easy steps for making the most out of your open!
-Open wod is the class wod on Friday. Great time to get it done and get it out of the way. One and done is the way to go
-Starting at 4pm on Friday is Friday Night Lights! THE BEST TIME TO DO THE WOD. Come out, eat, drink workout, have fun and get it done! Be part of our awesome community. Plenty of people on hand to judge and no rep you
-Saturday 8-11am, more time to try it. Try to arrange someone to count for you before you get here!
-Sunday 9-10 two heats. Dont PROCRASTINATE! get this done by Sunday
Monday 9-10 am only.. 100% your last chance to attempt.