Thursday March 15th

If you are in the open use this day as rest/recovery
5 minute bike, slow jog 600, 3 rounds

Quick review of the Open Schedule for THIS WEEK.
Open wod will be the class wod on Friday
Starting at 4pm we will run heats of the open wod until everyone is through. DO FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! Its the best time to this. BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY!
Saturday 8-12ish… 4 more hours to attempt the open. Try to arrange someone to count before you get here
Sunday 9-10.. even more time to get the open wod in
Monday 9-10… Last Hour to get this in
NO OPEN ATTEMPTS DURING REGULAR CLASS TIMES on Monday. If your open attempt spills over into class on Monday I wont validate your score. It’s really disruptive to the class to have different things going on, be courteous to you classmates.

Now the good stuff
2k Row Warm up with a partner, split how want

Bench Press
5 sets of 5.. build up until you miss!

3 rounds
30 slam balls
30 Kb swings
Run 800m