Thursday March 12th

Shadin’s Birthday Wod!

Send all Birthday Cards to her. When you finish the wod (if you finish) send all complaints to her as well. You might not be wishing her a happy anything after this… all joking aside, have fun with this one, pace yourself as its not a sprint, and try to pick weights and movements that will allow you to finish under the time cap.
This is going to be a tough one.

Warm up
Start with a 5 minutes bike or row. Get all your equipment ready and do rounds of this wod slowly cutting all the reps to 5.

32 minute time cap
4 rounds
16 Bike cals
16 Box jumps
16 Deadlift 135/95
16 Clean 135/95
16 Bar over burpee 
16 Pull up toes to bar **** see videos below. can also be split into 16 pull ups THEN 16 Toes to bar
16 Sit ups

*** there are two ways to do pull up/toes to bar combo, the top way is how most of us will do them. The bottom video is more technical but will save you time.