Thursday January 5th

“when is the workout going to post?”

Right now!

Show up even you don’t like partner wods. you’re not “slowing anybody down”.. that’s silly. both partners are working at the same time the entire workout so nobody is slowing anyone down. Partner workouts are the best!

Thursday 1 / 5 


6 min AMRAP  

25-sec machine (easy)  

25-sec machine (moderate) 

10-sec assault bike (hard) 

 10 push ups

 10 goblet squat light

Bench press 5×5
Try to go heavier than last session. If you didn’t make it last session choose a challenging weight through all 5 sets, but one you wouldn’t miss until maybe your last set

WORKOUT -start by 35

Teams of 2

20 Minute Amrap
Partner 1 does 4 sand bag cleans over the shoulder (100/75) walks the sand bag in bear hug 80 feet That’s 40 feet down 40 feet back, about the distance of the rig,  Then does another 4 sandbag cleans.

Partner 2 is rowing or on ski erg for cals

Switch spots when partner 1 is done with the second set of sandbag cleans.

Score would be cals plus cleans.