Friday January 4th

Warm up

5 Minute of bike.
Lets warm up those hamstrings!
Roll out your lower back on a foam roller for 2 minutes
3 rounds
run 200
15 good mornings with an empty bar

Quickly review deadlift
Put 10 pound plates on your bar. we will review deadlift set up as a class, (chest up, pinch shoulders together, eyes up, flat back)
Do 20 perfect deadlifts with 10 pound plates on your bar then start loading

6 sets of 3 deadlifts is the strength
all 6 sets at the same weight. Take 4 to 5 sets to build to that weight

4 rounds for time
Run 400
5 ring muscle ups (or 5 bar mu, ring is rx)
10 deadlifts 225/155
25 Double unders (75 singles)

4 rounds
Run 400
12 pull ups (or 20 ring rows)
10 deadlifts 135/95
50 Singles