Saturday January 5th

8am- Endurance
Run club! Pick a 3,3.5,4,4.5, or 5 mile run.. at least a half mile longer than last week.

9am Mobility

Option 1. if you dare

Walk one mile with a loaded barbell on your back. We will help you pick the weight. Rx is technically bodyweight but if this is your first time doing this wod, don’t go rx… walk 800 out and 800 back
NO SPLITTING THIS INTO EIGHT 200 Meter walks. Its too tempting to quit if you are by the building. If you are 800 meters out there are only two ways back… walk with barbell or call Uber.

Option 2- Team of 2, as many rounds as possible, just keep on trucking, split work however you want

40 minute Amrap
10 Man Makers
20 cal bike
30 burpees
40 KB swings
50 Wall Balls
60 cal row
70 Sit ups
80 Slam Balls
90 unweighted walking lunges
100 Meter sled push