Thursday January 3rd

Y’all going to learn today! Learn to overhead squat and snatch
Row 500 Meteres to get a little warm. Then together as a class
2 minutes of ankle mobility together (sit in a full squat and rest the bar on the top of your legs)
2 minutes (each wrist) of wrist mobility (bent wrist against floor)

Going through these positions helps EVERYONE! Learn them, until you have them perfect. nobody moves perfect, so in other words… practice.

0-1 minute 20 Overhead squats with a pvc pipe
1-2 minutes 10 overhead squats with a empty barbell
2-3 minutes- 7 snatch grip high pulls
3-4 minutes- 7 power position power snatch
4-5 minutes- 7 hang position power snatch
5-6 minutes- 5 power snatch from the shin
6-7 minutes- 5 full snatch from the shin

Squat snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Experienced people feel free to max out. Newer people we are going to light weight and high reps. If you can’t overhead squat with weight on the bar, we are taking it off and practicing. Its the right way to learn.

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Chad Vaughn, 285-lb. Snatch

Wod starts at :42 after

14 Minutes Amrap
14 Db snatches
14 Air squats
14 burpees (to a target 6 inches higher than your fully outreached arms overhead)