Friday February 2nd

LAST DAY LAST DAY LAST DAY Today is the cut off day to sign up for the 6 week inter-gym challenge. The scoring system makes this a level playing for everyone! Its going to come down to who shows up consistently, keeps their nutrition in check, and puts in their best effort for every workout.
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Warm up-
40 OHS with a dumbbell
40 OHS with a pvc
2:00 minute wrist stretch. Hands on ground turned towards you… stretch it out
20 Front squats with an empty bar

Front Squat
In 5 sets work towards a 7 rep max front squat

18 Minute Amrap
100 wall ball buy in (get chalk, keep track of your reps, make a mark every 10 reps)
Remaining time do an Amrap of
30 Slam balls 50/30 pounds
2/1 Rope climbs (4 rope pulls from the floor)
200M Sprint