Saturday February 3rd

Everybody’s favorite-
Yasso 800’s (common, extremely tough,  workout in the marathon world)
this workout is supposed to 10×800 (few people can finish this workout hitting all 800’s at the same pace) Work to rest ratio is 1 to 1.
We will adjust! Watch this video starting at 12:40
Some games athletes are running these at sub 3:00 for every 800.. thats a 6 minute mile pace.   Jason Khalipa and Ben Smith run.. you should too.

9am- Mobility with Amanda- Be sure to ask Amanda getting your kids into her kids class!

10am Partner Wod- 30 minute AMRAP One partner working at a time, split work how you want
50 Cal Row
100M Sled Push (one partner push down, one push back)
50 Cal Bike
100M Sled Push
50 Cleans 135/95
100m Sled push
50 KB swings
100m sled push