Friday December 10th

We would like you all to come out to our Friday Night Lights Holiday Jamboree tonight starting at 4pm. Bring food, drinks, family and friends. Do both the workouts, do one, or just come out to hang out from 4 to 7. We will run heats of the workouts about every 15 minutes.

In case you can’t come out we still want you to have a chance to do the workouts so just like during the CrossFit open the workout of day will also be the Friday night lights workout.

Try to partner up with someone to count. we have scorecards on the desk.

Going to have to hustle to get both the workouts in if you are doing them during the 5am, 6am, 9am or `10am… we would much rather have you join the fun from 4 to 7 and have a little more recovery time between wods.

Warm up
4 Rounds
5 cal bike
5 wall walls
5 Db snatches
2 hang cleans building up in weights

Class is going to run tight today (especially if you partner up to have someone count for you) if you are trying to do this at 5am, 6am 9am 10am but we can do it.

Wod 1
8 Minutes Amrap
16 wall balls
8/6 echo bike cals
20/14 wall ball
Scale 14/10 wall ball

Wod 2- this is a two part wod on a continuous 12 minute clock. 2 scores

Part A
Minutes 1 through 7
20 Alternating Db snatches (BOTH sides of DB touch the ground)
10 HAND RELEASE bar facing burpees

Wod 2 Part B
Minutes 7-12
5 Minutes to establish a two rep max hang clean
-Hang clean is above the above the knee, must deadlift the bar to full extension, then pause, then start your first hang clean.
-Can be power or squat, can go up or down in weight
-Lift must be started by the 12 minute so as long as you pick the bar up by the 12 you can complete the complex

50/35 lb dumbbell
Two foot landing and two foot take off on the burpees.

Scaled and masters over 60
35/25 lb db
step overs permitted on burpees

Scaled 2
25/15 lb db
step overs permitted on burpees