Wednesday February 12th


Wednesday February 12th

Weight vest Wednesday!

Warm Up 5 minutes on a bike or rower
Barbell Warm up- You can add weight during this, no more than 10 pounds though, this is barbell warmup

Snatching skill and strength
12 Minutes EMOM 3 rounds
Minute 1- 7 snatch grip high pull
Minute 2- 7 power snatch from the knee
Minute 3- 5 full snatches or 5 power + over head squats

Coach will set clock, 15 Minutes to build to heavy set of this complex without setting the bar down
1 snatch grip deadlift, touch and go that into a full snatch, dont drop it and do 1 hang snatch.

Wod 7 Rounds for time (with an optional vest)
5 pull ups (Ring rows)
10 Push ups
15 squats
5 Burpees
Run 200m

Scaling. 5 rounds for time

Choose how you want to attack this. If you are pretty good with a vest on, really push yourself. If you starting to use a vest, realize it’s going to take a little longer and just chip away.

*Not feeling the vest today. This is a really good Wod to push the pace on 7 sets of lower reps of bodyweight movements. Looking at about 20 minutes plus no matter which version you decide to do.