Thursday February 13th

Last two days to get your Driven Nutrition orders in! We will have a couple samples (what’s left) tomorrow then I want to get the order in by noon Friday so it gets shipped before the weekend! Good Stuff

Warm Up
1. Find a partner
2. Make sure you have partner
Then 2 Rounds
20 Partner wall balls (pick a lighter ball and bounce it off the wall to each other
200 M Run with your wall ball, switch half way
10 cal bike (5 each)

Yesterday we worked on snatches. Today we work on hang power cleans! This is a great movement for building general strength and explosiveness. It’s the reason we teach Olympic Weightlifting. If you are really good at clean and jerks, you are going to really really really good at wall balls (just to name one movement) which will make you more efficient at workouts which means you will get better results from workouts.. see how that works.

9 Minute Barbell Emom (3 Rounds)
Minute 1- 5 clean grip high pulls
Minute 2- 5 power position power cleans
Mintue 3- 5 from the knee power cleans
**You are welcome to add a little weight every time

*Coach will set a clock for 10 minutes, you have that time to build up to clean weight that is heavier than the wod weight you will be using

Workout of the day
You are going through this Amrap 4 times, with a 3 minute rest between each amrap. total work time is 12 minutes total rest time is 12 minutes
3 minute AMRAP x 4
5 Hang power cleans 185/135 Option 2 135/95 option 3 95/65 (or whatever weight keeps you moving unbroken)
20 Double Unders (sub to singles, if you dont have single sub to hopping up on a plate. The intended stimulus is to keep moving as fast as you can.

Rest 3 minutes between amraps
If you are keeping score, your score is total reps for all 4 rounds