Wednesday September 9th

Snatch barbell warm up

Then EMOM for 10 Minutes
Even Minute 1 set of 3 position power snatch (1 from the floor, one from the knees, one from power pos.) 75/55
Odd minute- 7 thrusters 75/55

Wod- Courtesy of comptrain

“It’s Goin’ Down”
For Time:
Hang power snatch
After each set, 30 Double-UndersBarbell weight changes each round:
21’s – 75/55
18’s – 95/65
15’s – 115/85
12’s – 135/95

**you have two choice for weights on this. you can increase. be smart. if your 1 rep max is 150/100 you are missing the purpose of the workout if you try to go rx. Should be able to do the last weight as fast singles, maybe even a couple touch and go’s. A fast single is a 5 second break maybe 10 if you are gassed, not a minute.

** second option is keep one weight on the bar, probably the first weight, the whole time.
Whatever you decide you need to keep your intensity up.